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Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd. (DTL-T) was established since 1997 as a trading company which located in Bangkok. An effective in logistic management is our policy. We are enhancing the power of logistic management in order to bring global operation competitiveness. Under this operation we got an approval form Board of Investment as an IPO office since November 2005.  
DTL-T was established mainly to gather parts from lower cost sources to supply Daikin plants in Japan and Europe and China. Having high negotiate power with capability to provide quality products and services, we are now one of the majors air-conditioning parts supplier to more customers both oversea country and domestic. 
DTL-T already achieve ISO14001 : 2015 to reflect the company commitment of environment and quality concerns, together with being an outstanding company in the mega-competition century.

Business Type
      - Trading
Main Customer 
      - Japan
      - Europe
      - Shanghai
      - Australia
Major Product 
      - Panel
      - Copper Pipe
      - Electronic
      - Plastic

Environmental Policy
      We, Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd., as a part of Daikin Group are definitely aware of our responsibility to protect the environment and each of us should strive to achieve both environmental sustainability and corporate growth.
Our customer, each production sites of Daikin, work hard to implement Daikin’s environmental policy and minimize the environmental impact of what they do, from sustainable procurement, product design and responsible manufacturing, to distribution, sales practice and end-of life equipment recycling. By following up those activities, we also wish to cope with minimize the environmental impact. 
      Therefore we also established, implemented and continuously improve the Environment Management System to prevent the environment impact.
To implement these, the company shall
      1.Effective Use of Resources
        We must make effective use of the Earth’s limited resources if we are to successfully carry out sustainable business activities. The Daikin Group achieves resource efficiency through efforts such as making products compact, and it designs products that are easy to recycle through the use of materials that are common across different product lineups.
      - Waste Reduction
We should mind to reduce the waste. Mind printing out unnecessary documents, ask for less packaging and not to purchase unnecessary products.
      - Energy Saving
We strive to save energy by purchasing energy saving products, by recycling container (bags, boxes, pallets) and refrain from un-recyclable items. 
      2.Promote all employees to think Eco First both at home (off duty) and at the work (on duty), what kind of our action is for the Eco-Friendly to save our green earth.
      3.Complying with environmental laws and regulations, and make an effort for improvement
      4.Explaining and enlightening the company environment policy to be actively and effectively to all people working in the company as well as environment system.
This policy is available to the public and communicated to all people working for and on behalf of the company.
Announced on January 18 ‘2017
Ms. Michiko Morita

Personal Data Protection Policy
      Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd., or “DTLT”, has established a policy for protection of personal information in order to build confidence in the security management of personal information which is collected or used for internal transactions of the company. This policy is adhered base practice of internationally accepted standards for controlling personal information as defined as follows;

1. Purpose Specification Principle - DTLT shall define the purposes of collected personal information not later than the time of data collection. And the subsequent use limited to the fulfillment of those purposes or such others as are not incompatible with those purposes and as are specified on each occasion of change of purpose. 

2. Use Limitation Principle - DTLT shall not use personal information for purposes other than the specific purposes except with the consent of the information subject or by the authority of law.

3. Collection Limitation Principle - DTLT shall collect and store the personal within the range of just business activities and collect by lawful and fair means and with the knowledge or consent of the information subject.

4. Data Quality Principle - DTLT shall have personal information be relevant to the purposes of use and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, be accurate, complete and kept up to date. 

5. Security Safeguards Principle - DTLT shall protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data.

6. Openness Principle - DTLT shall disclose the privacy policies related to the collection of personal information and identify the data existence, purpose of use, manager, and other details.

7. Individual Participation Principle - DTLT shall create an internal system so that it is possible to provide a suitable response, after first verifying the identity of the information subjects, when requests concerning the existence of personal information, the purpose of use, correction, discontinuation of use, deletion, or similar matters are received from information subjects.

8. Accountability Principle - DTLT shall response for the implementation of the principles as mentioned above.
To ensure compliance with applicable policies and regulations DTLT shall establish an internal management organization to be responsible for the regulations, privacy measures, data classification and risk assessment, provide educate to all concerned persons including to follow-up and conformity evaluation at appropriate time.

March 27, 2019
Ms. Michiko Morita
Daikin Trading (Thailand) Ltd.