The simple touch controller is a central controller that can monitor and control up to 64 indoor unit groups. Using 2 simple touch controllers allows monitoring and controlling of up to 128 indoor unit groups.

Main Features


8-inch touch panel screen for easy operation and monitoring


Flexible operation via control units (Group, all Groups, Zone)
• Group control for individual Group control
• All Group control for unified control
• Zone control for simpler setting procedures


Group monitoring at a glance
The signs displayed on the Group monitoring panels help you understand the operation status of each Group at a glance.


Tailor-made schedule timer setting
• A maximum of 28 patterns for the ON/OFF timers per week are possible.


Various operation control patterns
• Five operation control modes coupled with remote controller rejection/acceptance settings yields a total of 20 different possible patterns of control modes for each Group.


Easy to perform installation and maintenance related procedures
• Installation or maintenance related procedures such as Test Operation or Forced Reset can be easily performed from the SETTINGS menu.
System Configuration

With the simple touch controller, unified operation/stop is possible for up to a maximum of 64 Groups of indoor units. When using 2 simple touch controllers, unified operation is possible for up to a maximum of 128 Groups. With this optional controller, control mode settings such as operation, stop, operation by timer, and ON/OFF control by remote controller enabled/disabled can be set per Group or Zone, while enabling the control and display of operation states such as set temperature. The simple touch controller can be connected with an external key system, host computer monitor panel, etc., through forced OFF input (non-voltage normally open contactor). A Zone is one or more Groups together. In general, the same settings are applicable throughout a Zone.